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2010 Achievements

Our first race for Sunflowers
Race for Life - Stoke Park
What a fantastic weekend! A few of the girls from our group took part in this years "Race for life" 5k in Stoke Park, Guildford.
Everyone who ran did the full 5k without stopping, a massive achievement as some of the girls only started with the group earlier this year.
This is what Cranleigh Sunflowers is all about.
We all did it for our own goals and to think about the people we love. I think its safe to say that everyone concerned would be, and is, very proud.
We also all had a great laugh and a fantastic time, and we raised over £1,000.00 between us for a great charity.
So well done Beccy, Claire, Julie, Lizette and Melissa ........... WE DID IT!
Lucy. xxxx

3rd October 2010
Hampton Court

What a fantastic day!!!!
The weather was wet and it was windy but nothing stopped the smiles (at the end!)
Sarah, Amie, Lisette, Melissa, Carla, Sharon, Sarah, Julia, Julie, Beccy, Holly and myself all completed the Hampton Court 10k for cancer research. We raised nearly £1000.00 between us to go towards the 400k target.
It was a really lovely course with lots to see and some lovely views along the Thames, across the grounds and the Palace it's self. It was a bit slippy in places due to the rain but all in all great and i think i can say on behalf of us all we would like to do it again. We had a great day out despite the weather, it just made our stories a bit more interesting.
Some of the girls that did the run only started at Sunflowers a few weeks ago, and some only a few months ago but they all did it. And in fantastic times. They all said when they started running that they couldn't run. Everyone had different reasons for taking part, but they all had the same goal, which was to run the whole way without stopping and that's what they did. Well done girls.
We are all very proud of the achievements that happened yesterday and looking forward to achieving more. Some of the group that couldn't make it yesterday are all looking forward to their first 10k race at Christmas. All of us are hoping to do it as a group and to enjoy a little Christmas spirit!
Thank you also to all those that helped to make the day so special, Beccy, Sara, Chris and the rest of Cranleigh Sunflowers. Without all of you we couldn't have done it.
Congratulations to all and we are really proud of what you have done but no-one should be more proud than you. Keep it up.
Be proud of how far you have come. Have faith in how far you will go.
Lucy. xx

Watch Out!
The Sunflowers Christmas Party...
On 12th December 2010 we had our first Christmas Fun Run!  Yes, you can have fun and run in the same sentence.  It was a freezing cold day and thanks go to Paul McGuinness for setting out early to mark the route out for us in flour.  The run started round the residential areas of Cranleigh out along the Downs Link, across some fields and back along railway line to Cranleigh before returning to Park Mead. 
We had some great achievements with Tracey and Debbie completing their first 10K.  Well done ladies!
Thanks also to Lisette for allowing muddy runners into her house for drinks and nibbles afterwards.
A great evening at The Three Horseshoes followed with the presentation of our Achiever of the Year Award for Sarah Gent.