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2013 Achievements

What a start to 2013!  Congratulations to all have taken part in events so far:

First 10Ks achieved - Various dates

Brighton Half Marathon - 24th February
Lucy Bushnell, Alex Cast.

Silverstone Half Marathon - 3rd March
Katy Perry, Becky Howells-Davies, Ogie Balchin, Alex Cast, Becky Ambrose, Gemma Martin, Sarah Hounsham, Allie Greene, Lucy Bushnell, Annabel Davies.

Dunsfold 10 or 20 miles - 3rd March
Ruth Large, Kate Mason, Amy Langford, Nina Berry.

Cranleigh 15/21 - 24th March
Melissa Rogers, Katy Perry, Jacqui Faithfull, Lucy Bushnell, Tara Bolton, Annabel Davies, Sara Greer, Ogie Balchin, Alison Martin.

Southwater Run - 7th April
Melissa Rogers, Jo Evans, Katy Perry, Gemma Martin, Jacqui Faithfull, Alex Cast, Tara Bolton, Sarah Hounsham, Lindsey Steere, Julia Finill, Ogie Balchin, Bob! (Michelle Barrow), Alison Martin, Katie Hare, Amy Langford, Angela Sargeant, Lyndsey Denyer, Kate Mason, Jessica Townshend, Jessica MacDonald, Allie Greene.

Brighton Marathon - 14th April
Tara Bolton, Jackie Faithfull, Sara Greer.

London Marathon - 21st April
Melissa Rogers, Ogie Balchin, Alison Martin, Alex Cast.