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Southwater 04.09.11

As my husband looks out if the window at 7am he says, "Oh, look its raining, must be a Sunflowers running day!". This is true and he wasn't the only one to mention this! But that's what sets the Sunflowers far apart from everyone else .......... we are not fair weather runners, the rain will not dampen our spirits, and we are going to do this!! Rain? What rain?

Tara, Becky, Hayley, Auntie Joan, Debbie and Jo were going to run the 11.5 miles to Southwater whatever, they had all been working so hard to get to this date and nothing was going to put them off! Sara was with the front runners, Sharon the middle and myself at the back. 

We also had Melissa at the front on a bike, Kate at the back on a bike and Linda met us every 3ish miles in her car. The 3 of them were carrying water, energy drinks, mars bars, jelly babies, phones but most of a support, and a smile.

We all started off together and then over time we split into groups. The groups were only a few minutes apart the whole way so we kept each other in sight. 

The run was split into 4 sections so that the car could meet us and the girls could break it down rather than thinking 'eeekkkkk 11.5 miles'. Also this gave others the chance to join in if they wanted to. The first section was about 4.5 miles, then, 2.2 miles, 2.2 miles, and lastly 3.2 miles. 

The rain even managed to stay away until the last section of the run. By then it was a welcome sight.

Everyone completed it! And they say they all enjoyed it too!! Debbie hasn't run that far for 15 years, and Hayley has never been that far! And the others at some point or another have said that they can't run!! I ask you!! Linda was recruiting people to Sunflowers on the way round and I think Melissa may enjoy running rather than getting saddle sore!!

At Southwater we were met by some family members and friends which was lovely and then we went for a well deserved cuppa and in some cases, a slice of cake!

The Downs Link is a really lovely route and we are so lucky to have it right on our doorstep. It is also fairly flat which is also lovely.

Thank you so much to everyone that took part and supported. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this.

Congratulations a great achievement, well done to all of you. "Be proud of how far you have come. Have faith in how far you will go"

Lucy. xx
Cranleigh Sunflowers,
5 Sept 2011, 08:07