Running Days and Times

The idea is that we offer a range of different runs.  All of the runs are for beginners and seasoned Sunflowers.  Tuesdays are group night.  This is where we can all meet up and have a laugh, meet new people and offer support.  Tuesdays will have 3 options, a fast run, social chatting run or walk 2 run/rehab/hill sprints. Fridays distance runs will help with stamina.

Group Night - Tuesday
7.25pm for 7.30pm start, Cranleigh Leisure Centre car park:  Sunflowers usual group running night, and a great night to start on. Dust off the worries of the weekend. Most of the group attend on Tuesday's and it is a great night for beginners.  We hold a Walk2Run group for complete beginners, an intermediate group for up to 5K and a Seasoned Sunflowers Group for up to 10K.

Last Tuesday of each month is time trial night! It is the same 5k circuit each month. You don't have to be timed if you don't wish to be, but it is a great way to see how you are improving in your running.

Distance Night - Fridays      
6.55pm for 7.00pm start, Cranleigh Leisure Centre car park: For all runners 5k to 10k