Top Tips for Beginners

Wear sensible clothing:
  • A supportive bra!
  • When buying trainers make sure they are a half to size bigger than normal as you need room for your feet to swell. If wearing trainers for the first time, cover your feet in vasaline to make sure you don't get blisters.
  • During winter months, wear layers, preferably with long arms so that as you get hot, you can tie them around your waist.   Other essential kit for winter is a high visibility vest and a head torch.  See Winter Training Plan for more information.
  • If wearing a hat in summer or winter try to make it flimsy so it can roll and go in a pocket.
  • Take a tissue.
  • Mobile phone if you are not running at club. The emergency number for mobiles is 122.
  • If rings are a little tight be careful as your hands will also swell.

Before Running

  • In summer make sure you have sun screen on and also insect repellent.
  • Walk for 5 mins or stretch before running to warm the body up, even on hot days. In colder weather you will need to warm up for longer.

During Running

  • If you are running on your own rather than at a clubs, don't think in miles, think in minutes. Start with half an hour for a week or two and then build on that.  Don't do to much too soon, this will cause over kill and also can cause injuries.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water to keep hydrated.

After Running

  • Make sure you stretch after a run.

Racing tips!

  • Make sure that you start hydrating the day before a race.
  • Cut your toe nails.
  • Vasaline your feet and any other areas that may rub.
  • Have a good breakfast such as porridge and berries with honey.
  • Eat your last thing about 1 hour before racing. If its a banana make sure you squash it properly between the tongue and the roof of your mouth to digest properly.
  • Take a bin liner to wear at the start as these keep you warm and dry if raining. They are also inexpensive so once you start running you can just rip it off.
  • Have a change of clothes and shoes for when you have finished.
  • Most of all, whether your a beginner or not, racing, at club or on your own ENJOY!