Spring & Winter Training Plans

The winter plan - so we're fitter come spring!
This may sound a little frightening, but please believe that we are all beginner runners working at our own pace, so that when spring arrives we are all a little fitter ready to take on new challenges!

The plan is varied includes some sprinting (eek!) with the normal runs that you will learn to know and love!  This is intended to give a wider tange of fitness and suits a variety of running styles.  The runs are road based during the winter months.

Each run is designed for people of all abilities, so you can either walk, jog or run. The runs are also mapped out so that you can make them as long or as short as you feel comfortable or able to do.

Please note that we will not always follow the plan week by week, but it gives an idea of what we do each week.

  • RUN 1 : 5K timed run
  • RUN 2 : Bloxham Road reps 
  • RUN 3 : Team Split Sprints
  • RUN 4 : Summerlands Loops
  • RUN 5 : Three Hills
  • RUN 6 : Figure of 8

Keep safe during winter
'Hi-Viz', 'Torches' and 'Loop' - Be seen for all the right reasons!
For those of you joining us for the first time, please ask Lucy for a Hi Viz vest.  If you are intending to join us and run throughout the winter months, then places like Sports Direct have hi-viz vests for a reasonable price.  Please make sure you have hiz-viz/light coloured clothing during the winter months.

A head torch or a small hand held torch is a good idea when the nights are dark. 
On long runs, please make sure that you regularly loop back to the person/group behind you.  No one should be left on their own and no one should be stood waiting for others to catch up to them.  If you suddenly stop running it can cause blood pooling and you could faint.  Looping  is also important for safety and morale.  Those who are trying to catch up to those stood still probably need the rest more!  By looping you can also use it to build fitness by sprinting the short distance to the next group.

Spring has sprung the grass is riz - I wonder where our bikinis is!

When the lighter nights are upon us, so we can ditch those high-viz tops and head torches!  In Cranleigh we are lucky enough to have the disused railway track which is softer under foot and we like to use it and the beautiful local area to give a change to our runs.   The nights we run remain the same, with Friday nights becoming our magical mystery tours.  This is where we set of in any direction and come back about 2 hours later and who knows what we may have found along the way. Possibly come with some money in case we get lost and find a pub!